Project Overview

Perspectives from Within II

Perspectives from Within

Photographs by Daniel Obasi

Year Produced: 2018

Featured Artists: Daniel Obasi, Yannis Davy Guibinga, and Logor Oluwamuyiwa

‘Perspectives from Within II’ offers a rare opportunity for viewers to engage with a curated selection of photographs solely produced by contemporary African artists. This exhibition seeks to present a brief selection of the many social and political views held across the region through the lenses of three emerging photographers living and working on the continent. In alignment with the spirit of the Òlàjú African Market Creative Arts Festival, images in this collection reflect a commitment to advancing the voices of tolerance, equality, and diversity in the arts.

Reflecting on the widespread misrepresentation of African cultures, we are interested in exploring the perspectives of individuals who present their unfiltered interpretation on critical issues through photography. Narratives found within this exhibition include topics concerning self-identity, urbanization, gender norms and sexuality.

Exhibition Catalog: Perspectives from Within II Exhibition Catalog