Project Overview

Perspectives from Within III

Perspectives from Within

Featured Artists:

Wandile Xaba (South Africa), Joy Eno (Nigeria), Fatima Zohra Serri (Morocco), Ismail Zaidy (Morocco), Marouane Beslem (Morocco), Ogorogile Nong (South Africa), Ohio Ohiwerei (Nigeria), Yasmine Kazeem (Nigeria)

Exhibition Summary:

Perspectives from Within (PFW) is an identity-based project that explores the multifaceted nature of critical issues being addressed by a group of emerging photographers based in Africa. Through a curated selection of recently published images and words, PFW sheds light onto topics found to be most pressing to the participating artists at the current time. 

The central thesis of PFW is that in order for the negative, stereotypical portrayal of Africans in our society to change, we as Africans must reflect and come to understand ourselves, individually and collectively as a whole. As we further our understanding, we can then work towards reconstructing our own narratives for a better future. The exhibition presents a collection of unique yet similar projects divided between three thematic areas (Individual Identities, Shared Communities, & Reimagined Futures). The general aim is to encourage viewers to reflect on their understanding of the continent and associated topics. 

Number of Works: Total of 43 framed photographs

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